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Be Still And Know CD

The age-old practice of meditation brought up to date, now redefined as an exact science for the purpose of helping the individual.

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Contains -

  • Introduction  (5 minutes)
  • Exercise        (27 minutes)
  • Discussion     (15 minutes)


The meditation is a technique of subjection to the inner self, which we know as conscience.

The understanding you will gain from daily practice is so profound that you will never find the words to explain your experience to others.

The practice of inner attentiveness will change your perspective on life so radically and rapidly that within a very few days many people will be astonished at your new attitudes and insight.

This meditation contains all the ingredients for perfect self-control which accumulates when practiced daily.



How Your Mind Will Make You Well Book

This book is about a very special form of meditation – a rediscovery of an ancient science that provides the answer to the serious problems of our time.

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Proper understanding of this technique is apparent only after you have submitted yourself to its discipline for a time. How short or how long a time, the author cannot predict. To some, enlightenment comes with sudden intensity. To others it is a gradual unfolding.